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In December of 2007 Delfin USA purchased the historic 42 acre North Charleston lubricant blending and packaging facility on the Cooper River from Chevron USA. Texaco originally bought the property and began to develop it as a fuel terminal in 1910 into and through the early teens. The plant remained a Texaco facility transitioning to blending, compounding, packaging, and bulk terminal operations into the mid-1990’s when ownership was transferred to Equilon, Shell, and subsequently Chevron. 

The large property is well served by a deep-water pier, excellent rail access, and close proximity to major federal interstates. The pier is USCG approved to handle large ships at 660 feet Length Overall with a 110 foot Beam. Navigable mean low water depth is 38 to 40 feet. Sixteen eight inch, piggable carbon steel product lines run into the main blending area and to the fourteen large base oil tanks in the Upper Tank Farm which have a nominal capacity of just over 14,000,000 gallons.

The private rail line is serviced by CSX and Norfolk Southern, both Class 1 Rail Carriers. The main feed splits on the property to three separate spurs providing seventeen dedicated loading/unloading spots.

Highway access provides quick delivery to any one of three SC Ports Authority container ports within ten miles of the plant, as well as, all points north, south, and west on Interstates 26, 526, 95, and 20. Dry freight loading/unloading can be handled at any of twenty-nine dock doors fully equipped with automatic dock levelers, weather protectors, and trailer locks. 

One hundred and twelve smaller tanks in the Lower Tank Farm supplement the large base oil tanks as additive, finished product, and specialty liquid tanks serving the seven production lines, a four station 55 gallon drum line, four station 5 gallon pail line, tote filling operation, and the double bay bulk loading rack. All bulk trucks loaded or unloaded in the bulk bays are weighed on 120 ton state approved in-ground scales.

Seven shuttle-style Blow Mold machines convert High Density Polyethylene beads to plastic bottles in a rainbow of colors ranging in size from 8 ounce to 160 ounce. Three Injection Mold machines produce three sizes of caps in five different styles. A cap lining machine places an aluminum liner in the caps designated for gear oils, diesel engine fluid, and antifreeze.

Two high speed 36 head OCME filling lines and one OCME gallon filling line are well-used, efficient relics of the Texaco/Shell days, but four new bottling lines, a state-of-the-art VI Improver polymer blender, a modern printing and labeling department, and antifreeze and DEF blending tanks have recently been added to upgrade the facility.

The modern and well-maintained Research & Development laboratory is the heart of the strict quality control procedures established by current management. Contemporary offices, practical maintenance facilities, and an imposing security system balance the plant and business.

International Standard Organization certification complements an impressive safety program, and has allowed the diverse and experienced staff to offer an inspiring product line, establish brand recognition in the marketplace, and prosper by embracing a philosophy of integrity, quality, efficiency, and service.